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Relationships among biocommons projects

(click to enlarge) biocommons projects

Active projects#

  • anyvar (alpha) is a proof-of-concept variation translation, validation, and registration service.
    anyvar stars anyvar forks anyvar issues anyvar prs anyvar contributors

  • bioutils provides common tools and lookup tables used primarily by the hgvs and uta packages
    bioutils stars bioutils forks bioutils issues bioutils prs bioutils contributors

  • eutils simplifies searching, fetching, and parsing records from NCBI using their E-utilities interface
    eutils stars eutils forks eutils issues eutils prs eutils contributors

  • hgvs parses, formats, validates, normalizes, and transforms sequence variant expressions according to HGVS Nomenclature
    hgvs stars hgvs forks hgvs issues hgvs prs hgvs contributors

  • SeqRepo stores biological sequences in a non-redundant, compressed, journalled, file-based storage.
    biocommons.seqrepo stars biocommons.seqrepo forks biocommons.seqrepo issues biocommons.seqrepo prs biocommons.seqrepo contributors

  • The seqrepo-rest-service provides a REST interface to biological sequences and sequence metadata using a seqrepo instance backend.
    seqrepo-rest-service stars seqrepo-rest-service forks seqrepo-rest-service issues seqrepo-rest-service prs seqrepo-rest-service contributors

  • UTA (Universal Transcript Archive) is a comprehensive archive of genome-transcript alignments; multiple transcript sources and versions, multiple genomic references, and multiple alignment methods, particularly splign (NCBI) and (blat) (UCSC)
    uta stars uta forks uta issues uta prs uta contributors