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Getting Started#

New to Biocommons and looking for ways to contribute? The best way to get started is to sign up on the Biocommons Slack and introduce yourself in the #intros channel! You should also join one or more Biocommons discussion lists.

If you have a specific feature in mind for a Biocommons product, create an issue following our coding guidelines to get in touch with a project team.

Ways to Contribute#

  • Write code
  • Triage issues and help users on mailing lists
  • Clarify features to be developed
  • Write and edit documentation
  • Update and release SeqRepo and UTA
  • Help with community projects, like the upcoming hackathon

Hi! We're glad that you're thinking about joining the community of contributors. There's a lot to do and many ways to contribute to the biocommons!

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Still not sure how to contribute? Here are a few ideas to get started.#

  1. Ask yourself what you like to do and what would you want to learn.

  2. Browse the roadmap and issues

  3. Introduce yourself on slack and ask for guidance.