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Hackathon 2023#

Hackathon 2023 Slides

Slides from the hackathon summarize dicsussion topics and accomplishments made.

We held our first biocommons hackathon on September 17-18, 2023 at Mindspace San Francisco. The goal of the hackathon was to have new and existing collaborators develop and advance biocommons projects.

This was going to be an exciting event. We had 22 participants from 10 institutions signed up: Boston Children's Hospital, Broad Institute, Color Genomics, Invitae, Mass General Brigham, Mayo Clinic, MyOme, Nationwide Children's Hospital, UC Santa Cruz, and WEHI (Australia!).

Attendance is Invitation-Only#

The hackathon is in-person and open by invitation only due to space and funding constraints. Factors for invitation are:

  • Prior engagement with biocommons
  • Commitment to the biocommons mission
  • Commitment to active engagement, focus, and contributions during the hackathon (i.e., no observers, no side projects)
  • Commitment to making future contributions
  • Commitment to our code of conduct
  • Diversity of institutions, opinions, ideas, and social factors
  • Uninterrupted attendance both days

If you wish to attend but have not been invited, please introduce yourself on the Slack #hackathon-2023 channel (see below). You will be added to a wait list for consideration as we get closer to the event.

Invitation to students#

We will be inviting 1-3 high school, college, or graduate students to participate. We are particularly interested in opening opportunities to individuals for whom the experience might impact education or career choices. There are no skills criteria to participate. If you're interested, please introduce yourself on the Slack #hackathon-2023 channel (see below).


The hackathon — including lunch both days and Sunday dinner — are free. Participants are responsible for all other expenses. Thanks to Invitae and MyOme for sponsoring the event.


Projects are still being vetted and should be announced in August. When ready, they will appear at the hackathon-2023 repo.

Staying connected#

Planning for the hackathon, and announcements during it, will be on the #hackathon-2023 slack channel. See Community for how to join.